Meet The UW-BC Community

Jennifer Lapacinski

Jen Lapcinski

UW-BC Alumna

The time I spent as a student at UW-BC provided me with the opportunity to learn at the same level as my peers at four-year universities but with more hands-on experience, smaller class sizes, and a significantly smaller tuition payment.  I was able to explore and tailor my first two years of classes to determine the best path for me as I transferred into UW-EC.  The UW-BC classes were challenging and I was given more of an opportunity to become involved in my education.  There were a variety of resume building extracurricular activities related to my interests that allowed me to become even more involved in my community and build connections that have served me well to this day.

Hometown:  Rice Lake, WI
Years attended UW-BC: 2001 - 2003
Transferred to:  UW-Eau Claire and earned a Bachelors in Organizational Communications
Currently: Senior Staffing Coordinator at Medical Staffing Solutions, Inc. in Rice Lake


Sara Gregorich

Sara Gregorich

UW-BC Alumna

Attending UW-BC allowed me to affordably go to school while being present for my family.  I was able to take classes that supported my major while the small school size created an approachble family-like atmosphere.  Since graduating, I consider many UW-BC faculty members as mentors and continue to use them as resources and to get advice from them.

Hometown:  Fall Creek, WI
Years attended UW-BC: 2006 - 2008
Transferred: To UW-Stout and earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology & Broadfield Science
Currently: Gifted and Talented Coordinator/Teacher in the Rice Lake Area School District

Alex D., Student

Alex D.


The quality of the faculty is very professional with professors that have experience from all around the states, as well as internationally. They are excited about the material, and have passion in their discipline which makes the learning process that much more fun. 

Who is your favorite professor?

Jayant Anand. His knowledge of the social sciences is immense, with a passion for wanting student success. His field of anthropology, as well as sociology, interested me to no end, and persuaded me to take more of his classes. His ability to make students connect core concepts to real world examples is something he does well, along with a great sense of humor.

How affordable is UW-Barron County?

The affordability of the campus, overall, let me finish out my Associates with absolutely zero debt, with a quality education that would have cost substationally more anywhere else.

What was your best class and why?

One of my favorite classes was Human Nature, Religion, and Society with Dr. Troy Kozma. The class covered a lot great thinkers from the past, which gave way to great discussion on religion, and its impact on human nature. The course text was very interesting, and one I’ll be adding to my collection.

Intended Major

German - Secondary Education

Transfer Institution

UW-Eau Claire

Shelby Muench

Shelby Muench

UW-BC Graduate

UW-Barron County was without a doubt the best choice I could’ve made regarding my college education. Before coming to UW-BC I was homeschooled; I enjoyed that kind of self-directed learning, but knew the transition back to institutionalized learning might be difficult. I was intimidated by the whole idea. While there were a few bumps in the road, it wasn’t long before I felt comfortable on campus. By the end of my first semester, I was academically adjusted. The knowledgeable professors were a godsend, as were the small classes that made it easy to get one-on-one time with said professors. By my second year, I began to realize how much more than academics the school had to offer: I got involved with a few clubs as well as volunteering for events happening on campus, like orientation and banquets. It’s then that I realized how genuinely friendly and happy nearly all the staff is- it was fun to work with them! All too soon, graduation was upon me. While I’ll miss my little campus close to home, I don’t think anywhere could have prepared me better for the next step in my academic career.

Chad A, Student

Chad A.

Star Prairie

UW-BC’s affordability was one of the main selling points as to why I picked this school. By picking UW-BC I did not have to take out loans and am saving money while getting the same education as students at larger universities.

How would you describe the quality of the faculty?

I would describe the quality of the faculty as excellent. In my two years at UW-BC I have had a number of professors, all of which have been extremely intelligent, friendly, and always willing to help.

What was your best class so far?

The best class I have taken at UW-BC is English 102 with Joel Friederich. This was my favorite class because we were given the freedom to write about what we were interested in. Additionally my fellow students were a lot of fun and made the class very enjoyable.

What are your favorite things about UW-BC?

Before coming to UW-BC I had never tried Frisbee golf, but the 18 hole course is one of the best in the surrounding area and I “frolf” almost every day.

Intended Major

Business Administration

Transfer Institution

UW-River Falls

Everett S, Student

Everett S.

New Auburn

UW-BC is small and I come from a small town. It felt like I never left home when I came to college for the first time. It was an easy transition and I had no problem making new friends as they all come from similar backgrounds. I came to UW-BC because it saved me a lot of money for the same education I would get anywhere else.

What are your favorite things about UW-BC?

My favorite things about UW-BC are that it’s close to home, it saves me lots of money and all of the instructors get to know you by name. It feels like a family as soon as you walk through the door.

How challenging are the courses?

I believe the courses are just as challenging as they would be at any other college, but there are way more people at UW-BC willing to help. You are still getting a quality education that you would get at any four year university. The courses here are no easier than they would be anywhere else.

How would you describe the faculty?

I believe from my experience that UW-BC has a great faculty. They are always there to help and not only do they learn your name, they are close enough to learn your personal learning style. They can teach students the way that they individually need to learn. The students, in turn, get a much better education and take more back home from this experience.

Intended Major

Mechanical Engineering

Transfer Institution



Anna Borstad

UW-BC Graduate

UW-Barron County has given me the opportunity to stay close to home and save money while still taking quality classes from great teachers.  The classes I have taken here are exactly what I need to move on in my chosen major and I feel very prepared for what comes next in my education.  One of the best features of the classes I have taken is that all of them transfer directly to my transfer college, UW-EC, so I won't have to retake classes unnecessarily. 


Siiri L., Student

Siiri L.


I appreciate having a small campus for my first two years of college. The Barron County campus has been a nice transition from a small high school. I feel like I am better prepared to move on to a larger fouryear university. Another benefit to having a small campus is that you get to know your teachers and fellow students much better. The teacher-to-student ratio is low, giving students a fair amount of oneon- one time with teachers which they might not have at another university.

How would you describe the quality of the advising and academic support on campus?

The quality of the advising and academic support on campus at UW-BC is outstanding. My advisor is very knowledgeable about what is happening around the campus. He has gone out of his way to research schools I am interested in, and classes that will fill my requirements for those schools. I would recommend him to anyone. Not only have I had support from my advisor, I have also been very encouraged by my teachers. They are always trying to find a way to better my performance and the performance of my classmates. It is nice to know that my advisor and teachers really care about me.

Who is your favorite professor?

Professor Sarah Bennett has been one of my best professors so far. I had Dr. Bennett for a teacher last semester in Pre-Calculus. I enjoyed having Professor Bennett for a teacher because she was very organized, and made her students be as well. As a student we were expected to do homework daily, research the next topic in our schedule, and keep an organized binder of all of our notes. Making these things mandatory kept everyone on task and well prepared. Professor Bennett’s teaching style brought out the best performance in her students.

Intended Major


Transfer Institution

University of Minnesota-Duluth

Mary Hoeft

Mary Hoeft

Professor, French/Communication & Theatre Arts

I began my university teaching career at the University of Wisconsin-Barron County 42 years ago at the ripe old age of 21.  At the time, I was enrolled in graduate school at the UW-Eau Claire when Dean John Meggers of the UW-Barron County offered me a faculty assistantship to teach both communication arts and French.   Because of the outstanding faculty and a student body that is both intellectually curious and eager to learn, I chose to make this campus my home. 

Highlights of my very long career include advising students elected to Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society and being selected as Phi Theta Kappa’s Parnell Scholar.  I was named a Wisconsin Teaching Scholar and Wisconsin Idea Fellow, was nominated twice for the University of Wisconsin Regent’s Teaching Excellence Award and most recently, received the Chancellor’s Career Award.

Throughout my career, I’ve had  amazing opportunities to travel and learn.  I was a Fulbright Scholar to Morocco, taught in Nepal, took countless groups of university students to France, and had my work in the field of interpersonal communication published by Oxford University Press.  My most recent research, on why university students don’t read, was published in the International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (IJ-SoTL).  In the community, I serve as a facilitator for Barron County Restorative Justice, bringing first time juvenile offenders face to face with their victims in the hope of making amends.

Teaching at the UW-Barron County has been a joy.  On a daily basis, students challenge me to excel at what I do.   

I’m the mother of an amazing son and daughter, the grandmother of Hannah, Tacoma, Phoenix, and Rockton and advisor and mentor to hundreds of young people who have attended the UW-Barron County.

Eric Kasper

Eric T. Kasper

Associate Professor of Political Science

I have taught at UW-Barron County since 2007, after previously being employed as a teaching assistant, lecturer, and adjunct professor at UW-Eau Claire, UW-Madison, and UW-Milwaukee.  I grew up in northern Wisconsin, so working at UW-BC is like coming home for me. 

One of the things I enjoy about teaching at UW-BC is the small class sizes.  I am able to work with students and help them in ways that are just not possible on larger campuses, where courses are often taught by teaching assistants and take place in classrooms that hold hundreds of students.  At UW-BC, courses are typically taught in an interactive way by faculty members who really care about educating their students.  Indeed, I am always amazed by the caliber of my colleagues and their commitment to their students. 

In addition to teaching, I currently serve as the chair of the UW Colleges Political Science Department.  I have written three books: To Secure the Liberty of the People, Don’t Stop Thinking About the Music (co-authored with Benjamin Schoening), and Impartial Justice.  I have also published journal articles and book chapters.  Due to my research, I have had the privilege of appearing on the Cable News Network and Wisconsin Public Television, and I have been interviewed by The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, Wisconsin Public Radio, and Minnesota Public Radio.

My public service has helped me bring some “real world” experience to my teaching of political science.  I was formerly on the Rice Lake City Council, and I currently serve as the Rice Lake Municipal Judge.  I am also an attorney and a member of the Wisconsin Bar Association. 

Finally, one of the great things about UW-BC is that I get to educate students outside of the classroom setting.  In my capacity as advisor to the Charger Chess Club and to the student honor society Phi Theta Kappa, I am able to work with some of the best students on campus.  Given the small size of the campus, there are many extracurricular opportunities available to any students interested in our various campus organizations and activities.

Chanelle C, Student

Chanelle C.

Rice Lake

I think UW-BC chose me more than I chose it. When I graduated high school I knew I wanted to go to college but I really didn’t have a clue where I wanted to go. I think if you would have asked me why I chose BC on my first day I would have said it was the “safe” choice, inexpensive (in comparison to other schools), close to home, I had friends going to UW-BC. But now after spending time here I can say that it was the best choice for me, it gave me the opportunities and connections I really needed in order to figure out my future as well as succeed at BC.

How would you describe the quality of the faculty?

The professors I have had classes with have truly been great! Intelligent, willing to help, and some of them are really funny. I think if you can add humor and excitement to a topic that might not traditionally be thought of as humorous it grabs people’s attention and makes it a lot easier to learn.

What was your best class so far?

It is really hard to pick just one class, I had tons of fun in a lot of them. One of the classes I really enjoyed was Gender and Communication. I really like the professor Nichole Kathol and the material. Nichole allowed for a lot of class interaction and for creativity with projects and assignments. Also the class made me open my eyes and think about things I hadn’t previously thought about. The things I learned from this class, didn’t end with the classroom setting, they changed who I was as a person. They are things that will stay with me, and that isn’t something you can say for most classes.

Intended Major

Communication & Gender Studies

Transfer Institution

UW-La Crosse