Career Development

Career Development

While the importance of acquiring a college education goes beyond job preparation, most students would say that their primary objective for earning a degree is to work in a field that satisfies and is rewarding.  Whether you have made a firm career decision or are among those who are still developing plans, there are many opportunities at UW-BC to be preparing for your career.

Career Planning – Action Steps to Keep You Moving Ahead


  • Understand your strengths, interests, values, personal styles
  • Identify career options of interest


  • Research majors and careers
  • Talk to professionals
  • Test out interests

Prepare for Work Experiences

  • Resume Writing
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Participation in Service Learning, Internships, Volunteering, Summer and Part-time jobs 

Campus Resources – Staff and Services  to Support Your Career Development

  • Career Planning and Decision-Making - Dr. Bruce Jungerberg  meets with students individually and conducts workshops to help students with career choice and goal setting. 
  • Career Assessment – Career testing and debriefing using WISCareers, MBTI, and Career Cruising.
  • BUS 194 Career and Life Planning – This two-credit course taught by Dennis Villeneuve focuses on self-awareness and career exploration. 
  • Service Learning & Internships –  helps students with placement into service learning experiences and internships that can be strategic to one’s career plan.
  • Resume Writing, Interviewing & Job Search – Job Center/ WorkForce Development staff provides on-campus workshops to help students prepare for employment.  Workshop schedule to be announced.

 Contact Student Services for appointments and more information.

Career Resources