The Barron County Campus Foundation, Inc. provides scholarship opportunities through the generosity of area businesses and individuals, community organizations, alumni and campus faculty and staff interested in the educational progress of UW-BC students. Each year the UW-Barron County Foundation, Inc. provides thousands of dollars in scholarships to first year, continuing, and transferring UW-BC students and Return-to-Learn Scholarships for new returning adult students.

Scholarships are monetary gifts from community, private, and campus sources and are usually based on academic merit or some other criteria. Some scholarships also require verification of financial need. Therefore, all scholarship applicants are strongly encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Campus foundations, local businesses, and other sources provide scholarships for students at the University. No repayment of scholarships is required.

Contact your high school counselor and/or the UW-Barron County Solution Center for more scholarship information.

Barron County Campus Foundation Scholarships

Scholarships available for the 2017-18 academic year are listed below. Scholarship applications and essays can be submitted electronically to

First-Year Student Scholarships

Scholarships ranging from $250 - $1,250 are available to first-year students. To apply for a first-year student scholarship, the student must have been admitted for the upcoming fall semester no later than the April 3, 2017 scholarship application deadline.

Continuing Students

Scholarships ranging from $250 - $1,000 are available to continuing students. To be eligible, complete and submit a scholarship application form by the April 3, 2017 deadline.

Transferring Students

Two scholarships are available to transferring students. To be eligible, complete and submit a scholarship application form by the April 3, 2017 deadline.

Return-to-Learn Students

Scholarships are available to non-traditional adult students who are starting their college career or are resuming their college education. To be eligible, complete and submit a scholarship application and the appropriate attachments.

External Scholarship

The scholarships listed below are NOT offered through UW-BC Foundation and may or may not be exclusively available to UW-BC students. These are listed simply as a service to students who may wish to explore additional scholarship resources. UW-Barron County and UW-BC Foundation cannot guarantee the validity of these scholarship offerings. Please use caution if requested to pay an application fee or provide personally-identifying information that seems unnecessary for applying.

  • PayScale's Future of Work Scholarship is dedicated to those students who are interested in becoming a Human Resources professional after college. The scholarship is open to all enrolled college students, and will be chosen based on a combination of academic merit and essay responses. Payscale will award a $2,000 scholarship each to two individuals to put toward their college tuition.
  • A Place for Mom 2017 Senior Care Scholarship:  Five $1000 scholarships available to students enrolled in an associate’s, bachelor’s, or graduate level program at an accredited school in the fields of gerontology, medicine, nursing, social work, sociology, psychology, physical or occupational therapy, speech pathology or long-term care administration. The applicant must be attending classes at the time of the April 15th deadline. Essay topic and details found at