International student to lead the UW Colleges Student Governance Council

By UW-Barron County

Student Eric Yongha-Hwang

Yongha Hwang, a UW-Barron County student from Gwangju City, South Korea, has been elected president of the UW Colleges Student Governance Council (SGC.) Hwang, whose American first name is “Eric,” is the first international student to lead the council, which is comprised of student representatives from the state’s 13 UW Colleges campuses. He took office on May 2 and will serve as council president during the 2017-18 academic school year.

The SGC serves as a forum for students to represent their campuses in discussion about various policies and procedures that impact the UW Colleges. It also serves as the students’ voice throughout the institution.

“The position of president of the UW Colleges Student Governance Council is very precious and a heavy responsibility,” said Hwang, who was unanimously chosen to lead the SGC during elections in March. “I feel that most students have high hopes for building the college community with global friendships; so they approve an international student for their leader. I will make every effort in (promoting) unity and diversity by communicating with all students, including Muslims, Asians and Africans.”


Brian Becker