UW-Barron County Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science Degree Core Course


Registration is now underway for the first core course offered as part of the new Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science Degree program at the University of Wisconsin-Barron County. 

The course, LEC 390: Creativity and Problem Solving, taught by veteran communication arts professor Mary Hoeft and UW-Marshfield English professor Julie Tharp, is an interdisciplinary exploration of creativity and problem solving.  The course begins by exposing students to the concept of creativity.  What is it?  Is everyone creative?  Can we learn to be creative?  Students will be introduced to creative problem-solving strategies and will have the opportunity to apply those strategies.

During the second part of the course, students will explore incarceration rates in Barron County and throughout the United States.  They will be introduced to alternatives to incarceration, such as Barron County’s Restorative Justice Program (BCRJP) and will have the opportunity to research and examine those alternatives and present their findings to the campus community.

Students will conclude the course by researching a topic relevant to the health and well-being of residents in Barron County and will present their findings to the class and campus community.

Professor Hoeft will introduce students to public speaking and small group discussion skills that will prepare students to present their findings, both in small group and in public speaking formats.  Professor Tharp will introduce students to research skills.

The BAAS degree completion program begins this fall.  It consists of global studies and cognitive skills courses, along with internships and service-learning, that prepares students for professional lives and careers by giving them the ability to assimilate information and analyze complex problems. 

Students can apply now to enroll in the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree completion program by going to the UW online admission application.  The UW Colleges Office of the Registrar and the UW-Barron County Student Services Office will process each application using the UW Colleges admission standards governed by UW Colleges Senate policies.  

If you have questions, please contact Mary Hoeft at 715.234.8176 ext. 5422 or mary.hoeft@uwc.edu or Deb Neuheisel, UW-BC BAAS advisor/coach at 715.234.8176 ext. 5445 or Deborah.neuheisel@uwc.edu


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