UW-BC First Campus to Offer WTCS Students Pathways Option

By Barb Lang


Students with an associate degree from any Wisconsin technical college can now use that degree as a stepping stone toward a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) degree at UW-Barron County under a new program announced today by Dean/CEO Dean Yohnk. Applications for fall enrollment are open now.

Under the new program, any technical college associate degree will count as the first 60 credits toward the minimum of 120 needed for a BAAS degree. In the past, only an Associate of Arts and Science degree from UW-Barron County or an equivalent liberal arts college degree was accepted. UW-Barron County is the first campus in the state approved to offer this innovative new degree program for technical college graduates.

"This program opens the door for thousands of people who hold associate degrees from Wisconsin technical colleges to upgrade to a bachelor’s degree," Yohnk said. "As people move up in their careers, they often find they need a bachelor’s degree to advance to the next level. The BAAS is designed for those individuals. They can build on an associate degree they already have and don’t have to start over."

The BAAS degree completion program is designed for adults who may have jobs or families and want to earn a bachelor’s degree close to home. Classes are taught both in-person and online by faculty from UW-Barron County and participating UW partner institutions.

The program focuses on the workplace skills employers say they want, including information processing, working in teams and good communications skills. It includes a strong component of community involvement and practical experience in addition to classroom learning that prepares students to apply theoretical knowledge and higher order thinking skills to solve complex problems in the workplace and community.

UW-Barron County is a campus of the UW Colleges, an institution of the University of Wisconsin System comprised of 13 freshman-sophomore campuses and UW Colleges Online that offers an Associate of Arts and Science degree and a single Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree, and prepares students of all ages and backgrounds for baccalaureate and professional programs.

For more information about the new BAAS degree pathway for technical college graduates please contact the UW-Barron County Student Services Office at 715-234-8176, ext. 1.



Barb Lang