For Faculty & Staff

My UW System Portal

Visit the My UW System portal to complete employee timesheets and leave reports. This portal also provides payroll and benefits information, including earning and tax statements.

Campus Resources

Most resources for faculty and staff are housed in the "For Employees" section of the UW Colleges website. However, there are some campus-specific resources and services for employees:

International/ESL/Immigrant Student Resource Book

"As part of my senior Capstone Project, I have compiled the Resource Book to highlight some o fthe major challenges that international, immigrant, and ESL students encounter upon entering academic residency in the U.S., as well as some of the best practices to use for accommodating international students within a mainstream classroom. It is my hope that instructors will find the information contained within helpful, as UW-Barron County's interenational and ESL student programs continue to expand."  ~~~Sarah Dodge, August 2015

Office 365 upgrade

All information about the upgrade to Office 365 email, calendaring and document sharing can be found at The Office 365 SharePoint site.