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Student Organizations

The University of Wisconsin-Barron County recognizes that co-curricular activities (involvement in clubs and organizations) are an important part of the overall educational experience. Skills and experiences obtained through membership in student organizations serve as a valuable supplement to the formal curriculum. You will be able to develop personal, social, and leadership skills and try out new experiences. The organizations can also assist you in classes, help build your resume, and allow you to meet new friends.


Alliance is a social, emotional, and educational support group for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, and ally populations on campus and in surrounding communities. Alliance also acts as an educational student organization to provide greater awareness of the issues that concern the members, the university, and surrounding communities. Chris Wylie (UW-BC Staff) is the advisor.

Art Club

 Art Club gives participants the opportunity to be creative and inspire others through their work through campus and community projects and field trips. Jessica Mongeon (UW-BC Instructor) is the advisor. Visit us on Facebook or our blog/website

Business Club

This club is for all students that have an interest in local, state, national and international business matters. This is an opportunity for students to discuss issues important in today’s business environment. Betsy Schmidt (UW-BC Instructor) is the advisor.

CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ)

CRU provides regular opportunities to study and discuss the Bible, worship, and pray. The group also provides fellowship, encouragement, and spiritual development among believers. They strive to discuss spiritual matters and provide outside speakers, videos, and articles for consideration. Dale Fenton (UW-BC Staff) is the campus advisor and Don Stiver is the CRU staff leader.

Charger Chess Club

Free and open to the public! Come play one of the most enduring and fun pastimes! This extracurricular activity allows students to cultivate their chess playing skills in a casual atmosphere and discover the rich history of the game. Not only can you become a better player, but this is a great way to meet some of your fellow classmates. Players of all skill levels are welcome, as are those who simply want to learn how to play. Two tournaments (with prizes) are held annually. For more information contact club co-advisors Quentin Vieregge (UW-BC Faculty) or Sonya Swearingen (UW-BC Staff).

Communiversity Band

The Communiversity Band, comprised of both students and area musicians, gives students the opportunity for a superb musical experience playing great band music in an enjoyable atmosphere. The band rehearses on Monday evenings and performs a sold-out concert each semester. This ensemble is open to any student with instrumental music experience. Students can earn up to two credits for their participation in the Communiversity Band. Mike Joosten (UW-BC Instructor) is the director.

Curling Club

The UW-BC Curling Club took third place in the 2012 Midwest Regionals of the National College Curling Tournament. Join fellow students in playing this life-long sport. Everyone is welcome - no experience necessary! Students can also enroll in HES 003 in the fall and receive credit for Curling. Contact Student Services for more information.

D&D (Dungeons and Dragons)

Dungeons and Dragons and other open-ended role playing games give students purpose to be creative. It also allows them to have fun and enjoy playing role-playing games with friends. Kevin Falkenberg (UW-BC Staff) is the advisor.

Darkroom Photography Club

The Darkroom Photography Club is a great place for photographers, or those who would like to learn about photography, to meet and share their work and experiences. Everyone is welcome! For more information, please talk to club advisor Troy Kozma (UW-BC Faculty).


Encore is a social and networking organization for UW-BC students who have chosen to resume their education after pursuing other life goals. Some Encore events also include fun family-friendly activities. Contact Sonya Murrey or Deb Neuheisel (UW-BC Staff), co-advisors.

E-Sports League

E-Sports League wants to provide a fair platform for those fans of E-Sports to show their skills and improve their abilities in communication, teamwork, and leadership. Sam Judnick (UW-BC Instructor) is the advisor.

Future Engineers

The UW-BC Future Engineers encourages students’ active participation and leadership role in engineering fields and disciplines. Future Engineers have been recognized in regional and national engineering competitions. Christa James-Byrnes (UW-BC Faculty) is the advisor.

Indoor Soccer Club

This organization gives players of all ability levels a chance to get some exercise and have fun durnig the long winter season and organize events on the green space on campus when weather permits. Christopher Wylie (UW-BC Staff) is the advisor.

Library Club

give them the opportunity to make decisions regarding club activities such as book club, game nights, library improvements, etc. Cecelia Hutte (UW-BC Staff) is the advisor.

One World International Club

 Supports international students at UW-BC and encourages the sharing of culture. Anyone is welcome to join. Lee Friederich and Mary Hankins (UW-BC Instructors) are co-advisors. Visit us on Facebook.

Outdoor Life Club

This club is open to all with an interest in outdoor recreational activities such as fishing, hiking, camping, canoeing, etc. Members are able to use campus equipment and supplies as well as produce collaborative programming resources with community/conservation organizations. Chris Wylie (UW-BC Staff) is advisor.

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) International Honor Society

 This organization recognizes academic excellence and provides opportunities for service, scholarship, and fellowship. PTK currently provides such services as peer tutoring and sponsors forums on topics of academic and public concern. The academic prerequisite for joining PTK is a GPA of 3.25 or higher after completion of 12 credit hours. Christa James-Byrnes, Quentin Vieregge, and Dean Yohnk (UW-BC Faculty) are the advisors. For more information, visit PTK International or visit us on Facebook.

Philosophy Club

The Philosophy Club adheres to the belief that philosophizing is of the utmost importance. It’s fun, and members actually enjoy pondering life’s deeper questions and meanings. They ensure that members will enjoy exchanging ideas in a friendly atmosphere of fellow philosophers. For more information contact club advisor Troy Kozma (UW-BC Faculty).

Red Cedar (Literary Publication)

Red Cedar is the campus annual literary magazine. This publication contains creative works by students, faculty, staff, and community members and is published every May. Items considered for publication are poetry, short fiction, creative nonfiction, photographs (preferably black-and-white), and sketches or drawings. Submissions are accepted any time during the school year until the deadline of April 1. For more information contact Joel Friederich (UW-BC Faculty).

The Red Cedar Choir

The Red Cedar Choir, a joint effort of the Music Department and surrounding communities, gives students the opportunity to be part of one of the best choirs the area has to offer. Rehearsals are held on Thursday evenings at 7:00 p.m. in the Music Room. The choir performs to sold-out houses in Rice Lake throughout the year, and is the cornerstone of the Christmas Festival. The choir is open to all students and community members. Students can earn university credit for participating in the choir. Beth Joosten (UW-BC Instructor) is the director.

Soil Toppers

This organization welcomes all campus community people along with community members. The club’s purpose is to promote understandng of sustainable farming practices among the population of NW Wisconsin. Lauren Wentz (UW-BC Faculty) is advisor.

Spirituality Network

The Spirituality Network provides a warm and comfortable setting to share spiritual/religious beliefs. It offers a platform to clear misconceptions about belief systems by sponsoring guest lectures on various religions and beliefs. Jayant Anand (UW-BC Faculty) is the advisor.

Texas Hold 'Em

This club plays a variety of card and board games each week, as well as hosts campus-wide tournaments each semester. Everyone is welcome, whether you are just learning or have been playing for years. If you don’t know how to play, feel free to come and learn the game! It’s just for fun; no actual gambling will take place. Quentin Vieregge (UW-BC Faculty) and Steve Curran (UW-BC Instructor) are co-advisors.


The drama department’s productions include a variety of theatrical presentations. All students are encouraged to audition for roles and/or work on the technical aspects of campus productions. Prior experience in theatre is not necessary. You can participate in theatre activities and earn university credit by enrolling in COM 131 or you can just volunteer your services/talents. Terry Wiesner (UW-BC Instructor) is the director.

Student Government Association

Start a New Club or Organization

Contact the Student Government Association if you would like to get a new campus group officially recognized. You can do this by talking to a SGA representative, visiting their office in Meggers Hall room 151, by contacting them at 234-8176 ext. 5446 or by email at