Summer 2014 Math Boot Camp

July 28, 30, August 5, 6, 7
6:00-8:00 PM
Ritzinger Hall 204
Fee: $139
To register, please call the campus and speak with Deb at 715-234-8176 Ext. 5445

Whether you’re just getting started or returning to finish a degree started years ago, the Math Boot Camp is a great preparation for university level math courses. The Math Boot Camp is built on a very successful model introduced in recent years at other UW Colleges. The curriculum helps students pace their learning, reviewing and building on fundamentals of math concepts. Through a series of “checkpoints,” students self-assess and discover areas of success and areas for 
needed growth. 
Instructors are UW-Barron County Senior Lecturer Scott Friess and Associate Lecturer Sam Judnick. Both instructors will work with students in a thorough and reassuring way – helping students build confidence in solving math problems and being prepared for more complex math. Material is covered in an in-depth and rigorous manner although there is no grade recorded for 
this course.