ReFresh Math

RH 204
Free to UW-BC students or students starting in the spring semester
Tue, Jan 14, 2014, 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm
ReFresh Math
Nov 6 or Jan 14, 5:00-9:00 PM
Ritzinger Hall Room 204
Class is free for adults returning to college. Email Deb at to learn more.
Need to brush up on your math? ReFresh is a great way to prepare or review for your entrance or return to college math. This is a four-hour course to improve math skills and help you to succeed in college level math. ReFresh covers basic math principles such as working with fractions, absolute values, order of operations and square roots, plus algebra concepts and geometric principles. Your instructor is Kelli Coller 
UW-Barron County Math Lecturer.