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Searching for Materials

To find materials, use Search@UW, the UW System's library catalog.

Helpful Searching Hints:

  • To search the catalog and find items available at UW Barron County, use our quick guide.
  • Spelling is important. Be sure to spell all words correctly, or your search may end with zero results.
  • The catalog automatically searches all UW System Libraries.
  • If you have trouble finding materials in the catalog, ask a librarian!
  • To find an item on the library's shelves:
  1. Once you have found an available item of interest in the catalog, write down the item's call number. The call number is a series of letters and numbers that describe the item's location in the library.
  2. When using Search@UW, you will find the item's call number by clicking on "Locations" for a particular item.
  3. When you are ready to find your item, use the signs at the end of each shelf to find where your call number is located.
  4. You'll find more information about Library of Congress Call numbers below.

Library of Congress Call Numbers

The library uses the Library of Congress System, which is very different from the Dewey Decimal System. Colleges and universities often use Library of Congress call numbers, while schools and public libraries often use Dewey Decimal call numbers.

How Call Numbers Work (PDF) - Use this guide to help you make sense of call numbers and find your item on the shelf.

Anatomy of a Call Number:

Book Title: Uncensored War: The Media and Vietnam
Author: Daniel C. Hallin
Call Number: DS559.46 .H35 1986

  • The first two lines describe the subject of the book (e.g. DS559.45 = Vietnamese Conflict)
  • The third line often represents the author’s last name (e.g. H = Hallin)
  • The last line represents the date of publication.