UW-Barron County is one of the UW campuses that have a textbook rental system. The system is funded by a textbook rental fee that is collected as part of your tuition. The textbook rental system saves students hundreds of dollars each semester as books do not have to be purchased.

Rental textbooks for on-campus courses are available for semester-long check-out in the Library during regular hours. Please note that fines are charged for damage, and late return and replacement costs are charged for lost books. Transcripts will not be issued until all books are returned and fines and fees are paid.

All textbooks are due by the last day of finals each semester. Please note that unreturned textbooks accrue fines at the rate of $1 per book, per day. The final deadline for returning textbooks is ten days after the last final. At this time, we will no longer accept books back and the student will be charged the actual replacement cost of the book plus a $25 processing/overdue fee. Unpaid fines will be posted to PRISM and students will not be able to acquire their transcripts until fees are paid, or payment is arranged.

If you wish to purchase one of your textbooks, contact our Library Services Assistant Linda Snider.

Students may have to purchase certain course materials such as lab manuals, workbooks, and required readings. These items can be purchased at the Business Office in Meggers Hall from 8am – 4pm, Monday – Friday.

Textbook Checkout Procedures

To check out textbooks, you will need a validated "Student Textbook Agreement" form, copy of your current course schedule and a validated UW-BC student ID. If you need a copy of your schedule, you can print one in the Library's computer lab. The validation stickers are handed out in Student Services after tuition has been paid or financial arrangements have been made.

The textbooks are shelved in alphatetical order by course (e.g. ENG for English courses) in the Reference Room. If you have any problems finding a book, please ask any library staff person for assistance.

A Few Things to Remember

  • We expect normal wear and tear to the rental textbooks; however, we will fine for excessive damage, especially water damage and writing/highlighting. Each book contains a condition stamp that details existing damage. If you believe that the condition stamp is incorrect, please bring the book to the Library within the first two weeks of the semester so we can reinspect it and adjust the condition if necessary.
  • We expect you to return the same books you checked out. To facilitate this, we provide name tags and removable tape. We ask that you put a name tag in each book to ensure you are able to keep track of the books you checked out.
  • We expect you to return your textbooks at the end of the semester. The only exception - if you have an incomplete course and need to keep the book, please bring your paperwork to the Library so we can adjust your due date. If you are using the same book the following semester, we still need the book back during the interim so we can verify our inventory.

Textbook Fine Schedule

Late Fee: $1 per book, per day (10 days, $10 maximum)

Damage Fines: vary depending upon extent of damage. Minimum - $5; Maximum - actual replacement cost of book

Processing Fee: $15 per book

Replacement Fee: actual replacement cost of book, varies from $10 to $150