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Library Announcements

  • February is Black History Month. This month, the library has a variety of books and films on display about African American history, literature, and music, as well as civil rights and racial equality. All the items on display are available for checkout. For more information, visit
  • Ever been on a blind date with a book? Or movie? Well, this month at the UW-BC Library, you can do just that. How it works:
    1. Find your “match” by reading the clues on each item. NO PEEKING!
    2. Check the item out at the library’s front desk.
    3. Take your book/movie home, unwrap it, and read or watch it.
    4. Return the item if it doesn’t work out, or when you finish it.
    5. That’s it! Easiest and least awkward blind date ever, right?
    Happy reading/watching, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

New Books at the Library