Forum on Health & Well-Being in Barron/Washburn Counties to be Presented


The community is invited to a forum on issues concerning the health and well-being of residents in Barron and Washburn counties on Monday evening, December 9.  The forum will take place at 6:30 p.m. in the Blue Hills Lecture Hall on the UW-Barron County campus.

This forum is hosted by students enrolled in the new Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences core course entitled Creativity and Problem-Solving.  This course is taught by UW-Barron County Professor of Communication Mary Hoeft and is one of the core courses in the new four-year liberal arts degree that is now being offered at the university.

For their final project, these pioneers in the new four-year degree program will present their findings on issues concerning the health and well-being of residents in both Barron and Washburn County.  Students will present speeches on such varied topics such as gastric bypass surgery, iPads that enable autistic children to communicate, sexual abuse, and the threat that strip clubs pose in local communities. 

For more information concerning the new four-year baccalaureate degree now being offered at the UW-Barron County, contact Deb Neuheisel at 234-8176 Ext. 5445.


Mary Hoeft