Top 10 Reasons

1. Unlimited Career Opportunities

We have all the courses you need to begin virtually any bachelor’s degree program. Within the general education curriculum are 22 areas of academic emphasis. Undeclared students can keep options open by taking an array of transferable courses while developing their educational plan and career path.

2. Credits Transfer

Our whole range of general education credits will readily transfer to accredited public, private, and out-of-state colleges and universities. Within the UW System, our Guaranteed Transfer program ensures your admission to the four-year UW of your choice.

3. Strong University Curriculum and Experience

If you are thinking that courses at a two-year UW campus are easy, think again. Our faculty measure their success by how well-prepared their students are for completing a bachelor’s degree. We regularly hear from our alumni that their general education courses taken at UW-BC are at least as rigorous as those at the four-year campus.

4. AAS Degree

Completion of the Associate of Arts and Science degree fulfills all university-wide general education requirements at all UW campuses and at many others. Students who earn our AAS degree transfer as juniors.

5. Save Money, Reduce Loans

College students are graduating with huge loans these days (the average amount is about $27,000). You can drastically reduce your costs and loans by attending UW-BC, living at home, and paying the lowest tuition in the UW System. $5,500 will get you through the 2015-2016 year. Total savings for two years is around $18,000 compared to most public four-year universities.

6. Engaging Faculty

Our faculty is hired based on the same qualifications as the larger four-year campuses. All have chosen to teach at a smaller campus where there’s an emphasis on student interaction and success. Many have been recognized for their scholarship and contributions to college teaching.

7. Small is Good

Many colleges talk about giving personal attention but on our campus of about 500 students, we can really deliver. Even introductory classes only range between 15 and 40 students in size. Professors are interested and available, academic support is easy to access, and extracurricular activities are wide open even to first-year students.

8. Receives High Marks Nationally

The Community College Survey of Student Engagement has established five national benchmarks which relate to the quality of two-year campuses. The UW Colleges (which includes UW-BC) exceeded all five benchmark scores for our peer group: academic challenge, student effort, student-faculty interaction, active and collaborative learning, and support for learners.

9. Comfortable Campus

Our six buildings located along the Red Cedar River provide a nice space for learning and recreation. Our $6.4 million expansion includes all new science labs, high tech classrooms, student activity space and student commons. Services for students are centrally located. No long lines, getting the run around, or searching endlessly for a parking space.

10. Activities Abound

Interest and service groups, sports, theatre productions, music organizations, student publications, Student Government, internships and service learning projects. You get the idea — there’s a lot going on.