Registration & Enrollment

Registration for classes at UW-Barron County occurs each semester according to a priority based upon the number of credits previously earned, including evaluated transfer credits.

Advance registration for continuing, transfer, and reentry students usually begins on the second Wednesday of April for the fall semester and the second Wednesday of November for the spring semester. Continuing students receive a registration 'apppointment time' which indicates when they are eligible to begin registering for classes within the advance registration period.

  • New freshmen register for their first semester classes at a Student Advising and Registration session. These are scheduled throughout the summer for students beginning fall semester and in January for students beginning spring semester.
  • Transfer, re-entry, and special students must meet with an academic advisor through the Student Affairs Office prior to registering for classes.
  • Continuing students will want to follow these steps:
  1. Review an online UW-BC Course Schedule, and develop a tentative set of courses.
  2. Discuss class choices with your advisor and receive approval.
  3. Check PRISM for your appointment time during the priority enrollment period.
  4. Register for courses online using the PRISM registration system.

In order to select and get into all of the classes you want, we recommend that continuing and new students register as early as possible during the published times.

Terms and Conditions (TAC)

Prior to registering for classes, you’ll need to accept the Terms and Conditions (TAC). The online form is available on your Student Center page in PRISM.

Final Registration

During the week before the start of classes each semester, UW-BC designates three days for final registration. All students who have registered for courses should choose one of the three days to come to campus and complete registration.

The steps to final registration include:

  1. Pay fees or make fee payment arrangements and receive parking permit at the Business Office.
  2. Receive I.D. card or have current card validated at the Student Affairs office and receive Student Handbook and Calendar.
  3. Purchase or rent textbooks at the campus bookstore or online.

Academic Advising


Please see the Registration & Enrollment pages on the UW Colleges administrative website for more information about: